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Digital Marketer - Strategist - Storyteller


Stop selling, bring value, and execute.


Everyday I'm Fine-Tuning My

Strategic Marketing

Finding out who wants to buy from you and what gets them to buy from you is no easy task. Let's take a look at the data, but at the same time know we don't make decisions rationally.


We can say so much more with a picture. When you make it a beautiful picture that tells a story that will keep attention and people/businesses coming back.

Social Media Management

We all struggle with this and finding out what works best for you and on which platform is no easy task. So maybe we should have a conversation.

Project Management

If David Allen, Tiago Forte, Thomas Frank, and August Bradley had a project management baby it would be me. This is what truly separates me from others.

Project management, organization, and pre-production is what allows you to out "market" the competition. Because it's not the most creative that wins, it's the one who executes the best.

Video Production

Beautiful cinematic storytelling is a rare thing to find nowadays, but you've come to the right place. I love storytelling and so much of the "cinematic" look comes from lighting. A subject I am continuously growing in.

Graphic Design

More on the "just for fun" side of things, but I know the fundamentals and I did this website myself. Part of "The Futr Pro Group" and a hug Paul Rand fan.

Current Work
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My Current


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My Past &




Currently, I serve in a dual role as the lead Content Marketing Manger at both lloyd Products Inc. and Churn Soft Serve.

I also founded "Room 9" back in 2018. What started off just as a podcast has now turned into an "Ad Agency" which has helped organizations from non-profits to brick and mortar restaurants grow their brand in the digital marketing space.

Up until 5 years ago, I spent the majority of my professional career in the kitchen. I started off in a pizzeria and worked my way up to fine dining. I use to leave this part out of the conversation until I realized how many skills I still use from working in this industry. From staying calm when things get overwhelming to a "go go go" mindset, kitchen life has proven to be useful in almost every aspect of my life.

I have created over 600+ pieces of content. This includes things like SEO articles, product photography, short and long form video, ad copy, and much more. I have also developed marketing and ad campaigns that have increased sales in a measurable way.

I am confident and proactive with the experience of successfully delivering a variety of projects. I have done all of this via excellent communication and through fast and agile approaches to unexpected situations and stakeholder management. My other interests and work experiences have given me an analytical yet creative eye, causing me to challenge the norm and bring a touch of vibrancy to everything I do.


2020 ~

Content Marketing Manager

Buffalo, Ny
2020 ~

Content Marketing Manager

Buffalo, Ny
2018 ~


Buffalo, Ny
2018 ~

Podcast Producer/Host

Buffalo, Ny


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