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Up until 6 years ago I spent more than half of my 37 years on this planet in the hospitality space, mainly restaurants. With the help of my love for personal development, philosophy, and introspection; I have been able to climb up the "Digital Marketing" ladder. Whether it's trying to grow a YouTube channel, running an FaceBook Ad Campaign towards your "Target Audience", or even focusing in on Brand Strategic Storytelling, I find ways to adapt, shift, and evolve constantly with the market and brand tribes. I know that it is not the most creative that wins, it's the one who executes the best. That's why I have obsessively worked on a Project Management System that utilizes a Pillar, Pipeline, and Vaults system. From managing project deadlines to idea generation a great system that shows results is priceless.

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The podcast was used mainly for a networking tool. People are always down for a podcast no matter the audience size. It is overall a unique and highly focused way to have a conversation. As a result of doing this, over 70% of my work came from getting to know people and them offering me work because of that. This brought me to the realization of the meaning "it's not what you know, it's who you know". Now granted, you have to know enough for this to be true, but if somebody trust and knows you, they will pick you over somebody who is more talented every time. 

From data analysis, finances, and even trying to figure out your target audience, when I first started “Room 9” I barely even knew what these words meant. In order for me to put food on my table and keep a roof over my head I had no choice but to immerse my self in the business, branding, and marketing world. Fast forward almost 5 years and I now find myself immersed in literature, videos, and books centered round topics such as Customer research, competitor research, differentiation, Positioning, segmentation, pricing, market message media match, lifetime customer value, marketing funnel, marketing map, and brand strategy. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have become obsessed with knowledge expansion in this field and with a constant drive to stay in “self-awareness” and “growth” I plan on getting to the top. 


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From behavioral health organizations to restaurants I've have certainly had my feet in many waters. This experience has been priceless, but it is time for me to niche down further.

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