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We Got A Grant

Room 9 was just recently awarded an $11,000 grant, from the New York State Education Department, in order to be able to reach, help, and encourage many more who are struggling.

Hey, I'm Sean Cuddihy, and I love having incredible conversations with incredible people. The pain and trials that come along with the human condition have always fascinated me, and I find anyone who is willing to talk about working on that pain to be an incredible individual worth conversing with. I have always lived by the saying "If You Better Yourself, You Better The World" before, during, and after my addiction to heroin manifested. The podcast is my catalysts to hearing how others get through, or help people get through, the storms life brings our way. Be sure to join me here, or on any podcast listening platform, while I navigate the storm with others. My addiction and introspective outlook on existence has led me to this position, so how could I not take advantage of it? Life is challenging and since pain is a universal constant that we all know way too well we should walk through it together.

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