About Sean Cuddihy. 

Hey! I'm Sean and I have been content marketer and storyteller for over 4 years now. Through Multimedia Production work such as Product Photography, Video Production, and Graphic Design, I have learned that it is not just good looking content that grabs attention, it's how you tell the story.  

It all began in 2018 when I started a podcast titled "Room 9". It started out as a "just for fun" project, but over 130 episodes later Room 9 was  featured in "Podcast Business Journal" and received an $11,000 grant from the New York State Education Department. I then started to get Behavioral Health companies such as Evergreen Health, Horizon Health, and Spectrum Health and Human Services to realize the importance of connecting with their tribe. 


After a few years of bringing the behavioral health companies in Western NY into the world of podcasting and video production, the next and current stage of my career began in the beginning of 2021 when I accepted the lead Content Creator job at lloyd Products Inc. While working under 2 brands here, "lloyd" and their sister ice cream brand "Churn", I have been in charge of creating and scheduling all content from product photography to video production. This role also included graphic design on a regular basis, check out some of the work I have done for lloyd here.

In a world where every company is the same: IN ORDER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE YOU HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT.

This channel is coming soon!