Here's The Deal

We exist to tell the stories of those in pain, of those who are struggling, and those who need their voices heard. We’re here for the families who have lost someone to the darkness, the families who don't know where to go when their loved ones are stuck.


Because we were lost too and we know what it means to come back down the mountain with a story to tell. We have gone where few others have, and returned with something extraordinary that the world needs to hear.


We’re here to be the way forward and masterfully share your story of struggle.


We do whatever it takes to share your story.


That means doing so much more than just filming and editing. We’re continuously learning about how to create and share stories in a captivating way. We want to share how you or your company has helped save the many lives of those who are struggling. All while we help, encourage, and strengthen those who are struggling everyday with Mental Health & Substance Use challenges. We’re finding new ways of shooting and editing to stay at the forefront of the best video techniques and practices.


Our goal is to help spread your story as far and wide as possible by being involved in the entire process.

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