Here is a mix of professional and personal projects. Professional projects where I had to obtain a specific objective, and personal projects, projects where I wanted to share someone's story, my own story, or even bring value to other companies and organizations.


The objective of this video was to remind the

employees of Evergreen Health that every act

of kindness, no matter how little, can make a

difference in someone's life.



For this project I was in charge of scheduling,

recording, and publishing 14 podcast episodes.

Each episode was with a different employee of

Spectrum Health and was designed to allow their

clients to get to know the different programs offered

by the organization.




This was another series of podcast

episodes designed to create an authentic

bridge between the employees of Horizon

and the people who use their services. The

goal; to establish an authentic connection

between client and counselor.



Brittany Bennett is a licesened mental health 

counselor and founder of Bridge Over Troubled

Water Mental Health Services. This video was

for an ad campaign to promote her new book "Self-ish

Is The New Selfless".


I have scheduled, recorded, and produced

over 115 podcast episodes. There has been a

ton of amazing guests, here is a list of just a

few of my top conversations over the last three 

years. Gary Vaynerchuk, Fabian Geyrhalter,

Melinda Livsey, and Matt Davies. Listen to the

episodes and find out more about my favorite

guests here.


I had 72 hours to create a business

centered around shampoo. I had to

show my skills over multiple social sites.

Read the vague creative brief and check

out the company I had to create in 3 days.

I went through Dharma Life Sciences'

mentor program and was able to remotely

shoot a client testimonial for them. Dharma

Life aimed at helping us to rewire and create

new neural pathways, this program helped

me become more aware my many good and

bad habits of thinking.