"What's there to say? Life can be a pain in the ass. I lost my brother and sister when I was fifteen, had a terrible divorce, struggled with a heroin addiction, the list goes on and on. As it does for everyone. But I have also learned how to find beauty in pain, and how to forgive and love myself. 

It all started with a story, my story. And then a podcast. From there, an article in Podcast Business Journal, and then a grant, and then video production, and now design and branding. I Believe this is the gap so many behavioral health organizations are overlooking. You need to authentically connect and bring meaning to the people who use your services. And you can do that by clearly defining what your brand is, who your brand serves, and then producing content that engulfs those definitions. " 

- Owner/Founder Sean Cuddihy

Dave Riffel

Multimedia Production Consultant 

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Dave is an imaginative Video Production Specialist with an eye for creative opportunities via time-based storytelling. Integrating video, audio and music production with storytelling, he specializes  in full-bodied multimedia projects for his clients (DreamworksTV, Value Home Centers, University at Buffalo;; ReptileRiff; Upper Story Studios; Buffalo Arts Academy). Coordinating project management from concept to competition, Dave strategically produces with creativity and precision. Dave is a seasoned producer combining musicality with media production makes him a dynamic force armed to produce high-quality, fresh media works.

Dave continues to play a key consultant role in the growth and success of "Room 9". Everyone needs their go to person who has more knowledge and experience; Dave has been there for owner/founder, Sean Cuddihy, since the beginning.

Sean Cuddihy


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One step from homelessness, then to jail, short-term rehab, long-term rehab, then came the podcast. Then an article in "Podcast Business Journal". A little longer on down the road Room 9 received a grant from the New York State Education Department. From that came video production and graphic design. All this added up to what is now offered by Room 9; content and brand clarity for behavioral health organizations.

Sean's goal has always been rooted in making the biggest impact in helping those who continue to struggle with substance use and mental health battles. Believing that the world of behavioral health is behind in their recognition of the importance of branding, brand strategy, and strategic content creation, he looks to authentically connect organizations to the people they serve.



Let's set up a time to chat some more about branding, mental health, addiction, or even just to share your story.


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The playground where mental health, branding, creativity, and personal development meet. This is where everything started for "Room 9". We believe conversations can change lives. Disagree? Let's talk about it.

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