The Man Behind The Mic

The best and only way to truly change the world is to work on yourself. So that's what I did. Philosophy, psychology.

At the age of 26, I was going to fix myself. I stopped watching sports and television. Small talk about the weather

and local sports teams became unbearable. The problem was, I was doing all this without any sense of self-love,

self-forgiveness, and confidence. Anyone who has attempted an introspective journey knows that, in order to get

to know the true SELF you first must go through your darkness. This proved to be impossible without the

aforementioned self-accepting attributes. 

Now, at the age of 35, I can finally say, after the death of two siblings, a shitty divorce, and a nihilistic mindset that

drove me to a battle with opiates, I wouldn't change a thing. The wisdom that has come from my darkest moments

are part of the biggest pieces of what have allowed me to find true freedom. Happiness is the carrot and we are the

donkey. So I stopped chasing happiness and started to find meaning.


Sean Cuddihy


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One step from homelessness, then jail, short-term rehab, long-term rehab,

then came the podcast. An article in "Podcast Business Journal". A little

longer on down the road Room 9 received a grant from the New York State

Education Department. From that came video production and graphic design.

All this added up from a passion for storytelling.


A story can bring awareness or end stigma around something. But a story told

in the right way could change the world. This is why my Friday and Saturday

nights are spent fine tuning, progressing, and expanding my skills centered

around the art of storytelling. 

Whether it is doing a podcast with some one who has struggled with drug abuse 

or a video to help a local restaurant get through a pandemic a story can bring 

empowerment and confidence to entire communities.