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Work Hard and You'll Get Lucky

Up until recently I have attempted many times to start a creative project. I would come up with these awesome ideas and as soon as things got tough, as soon as I had to stay disciplined, I would say "forget it, I am not doing this". Over the past year, for the first time in my life, I have stayed in the realm of discipline. I have not wavered from the road of working hard and never giving up. Doing this has proven to be fruitful.

A handful of years ago I remember coming across this quote. I am not sure who originally said it, there is actually some debate out there about who did, but when I first read it I did not fully comprehend what it meant. I imagine most do not until they actually experience it.

The quote was...

" The harder I worked, the luckier I got"

I could never fully wrap my head around it. If you work hard, good things happen because you work hard, good things don't happen because you are lucky. Then I thought about how so many of us who don't put our everything into something, we look at the people who do and say "well, they just got lucky". In a sense that is true. When I finally was able to develop

the confidence to fail I was then able to develop the discipline to stick with a creative idea I came up with. You have to "stick with it" because there will be plenty of times when you feel like everything you are doing is not working and that it is pointless. It's right around when that happens you have to work even harder and that is when you come in contact with "luck".

If you can learn to push through the "everything I am doing is making no difference" moments and keep pushing forward, keep working hard, you'll receive that message of encouragement or that one person who will offer to help out financially. The realization I came to is that if you are not working hard and pushing through the tough times you allow no chance for luck to play a role in your journey. Find what you love to do, find what your'e passionate about, work hard at it, and you will get lucky. It has been a year since I started "Room 9". There has been plenty of challenging moments and there is plenty waiting for me on the road ahead. In this last year I have received a grant from the State of New York, been featured in Podcast Business Journal, and have people continuously reaching out to me thanking me for what I am doing.

If your idea of success is not just to become a rock-star or to become the richest person in the world then keep working your ass off and you will find the truth and meaning that hangs in this quote. Keep working hard. Remember to always fight through the times when your mind tells you that what you are doing is making no difference. You are your worst critic. There is a great benefit to that but it can also make you want to give up at times, don't give up. If you can manage these simple, not easy, practices, you will look back time after time and ask your self "how did I get so lucky?".