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The Rediscovery Of Our Childlike Awe

Doesn’t it seem like so many of us (grown-ass people) tend to get jaded and bored with the cyclical nature of life? As we age we get this blah, blah, blah, mundane point of view. I mean seriously, I feel like I see it in people more and more every day. It seems the older people get the more jaded and dispirited they are, generally speaking of course.

Is this because so many of us strive for one materialistic thing after the other? Materialism cannot be the answer. Materialism is at an all-time high but so many of us are so flipping anxious. I mean, even if we pretend that “planned obsolescence” does not exist for a moment, we are still running on the hedonic treadmill at an extremely fast pace. No matter how much we accumulate or how much money we store in a computer at a bank, we will eventually get sick and tired, and flat out have discontentment with our current state of reality; the floor won’t be good enough, we want the couch, the couch won’t be good enough, we want the bed….ad infinitum.

Maybe it’s not even materialism and the accumulation of things. Maybe it’s just because we’ve been hurt or betrayed by someone, or we have hurt or betrayed someone ourselves. Maybe it’s because we’ve lost something or even someone. Either way we all know that in life we will all have troubles, struggles, and at least some tough patches.

It is an enigma, it sucks and what the hell are we supposed to do about it? What I have discovered is that it’s not finding out what my vocation is or finding out what I have a passion for. What I discovered that works is finding ways to make the benevolent sensorial "now" an ever PRESENT thing. Find ways to get back to that childlike, awestruck, enchanted, moment to moment thinking of a child.  It is that moment when your parents were the best just for letting you get Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies, or when they would let you stay up extra late just to watch a movie. It is your memories of your first bite of your favorite ice-cream or the first fish that flopped out of the water stuck on your line. Maybe it is just the ability to have the capability to just laugh at a fart or a burp.

So let’s start remembering the times before cultural and social institutions took a hold of us. Where we would get in our underwear and jump in the mud just for the hell of it. Or when we were building a sandcastle for no other reason than just to build it.

Whether it is through mindful self-inquiry, prayer, or even meditation we need to get back to this Childlike mindset.  Whether it is watching cartoons, playing with our own kids or even someone else’s we need to find ways, that suit our own individuality, to rediscover the awe of the universe. Do whatever you can to find out what keeps you laughing and in a childlike state and never let go of it!  In that blissful moment of laughter and childlike wonder you will not find any conceptualizations or equations. You will not find colors or shapes.  You will find, contradictorily speaking, an ineffable moment of joy, grace, love, beauty and oneness.