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Everyone Has 1000 Different Opinions On Recovering From Substance Use...Here's Mine

Okay, it's not the fact that there are so many different points of view out there that bothers me. It's the people who have the blinders on and assume the way that worked for them, or the way that worked for someone they know, is the one true way. Maybe this is just a big annoyance to me because I was force fed a religion; if anyone knows religious people the vast majority of them believe their way is the one true way and all other ways are false, but needless to say there are too many people out there who feel they have the the perfect answer for those struggling with SUD (Substance Use Disorder).

When in the history of anything has there been only one way to be successful at something? Whether it is figuring out a diet that works best, or how to find ways to stay motivated, many different people have found success in many different ways. Recovering from SUD is absolutely no different.

The title of the article says I will have an opinion on recovering from SUD, I don't want to disappoint. It's not that my opinion is necessarily a path as much as it is what we need in order for our path, whichever path that may be, to end up being the one that works. I have seen 12-step programs fail over and over again, I have seen them bring success over and over again. I have seen CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) do the same. I have seen many people use many different ways to be successful. The thing that each and every one of them had in the end was a keen ability to follow their Authenticity.

When you learn to listen to your authentic voice and cultivate the ability to be honest with yourself, you ultimately find you have all your own answers. No guru, yoga teacher, or sponsor can give you the better answers than you can give yourself. No self-help book or motivational speaker can guide you in a better direction than you can guide yourself. In the most recent episode of Room 9 titled "The Many Ways We Approach Addiction" I get much deeper into this topic. It is time we put all are masks aside, stop trying to be the "strong one" all the time, and embrace what makes us the beautiful human-beings that we are.

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