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A Letter To The Donor

The point of this podcast is to reach as many people as possible that are in addiction or have been affected by addiction in some way, shape, or form. I want this podcast to help the ADDICT in a way that can give them structure and a realization that they are not alone on their journey. I want the addict to listen and be able to find hope and learn from the failures and successes of, not only my own, but the failures and successes of others as well. For the FAMILY MEMBER I want them to be able to learn the healthiest way on how to deal with their loved one that is sick and suffering. This is not an easy task. With so many affected by addiction it seems nearly impossible to reach half let alone all of them. In order for me to have the ability to do this, just like in the case of everything else in existence, it cost money. From keeping up to date with equipment and the need to advertise all over the internet, money is a necessity and I am humbly asking for help. I have been spending many hours and putting my heart into this podcast on a daily basis. Deep within my soul I know Room 9 will help thousands and thousands of people one day, but I will not be able to do this without the help of others, and that is what I am asking for.


As I have thought this through I realize that some or even many would be reluctant to give a person in recovery money. The conclusion I came to in order to fix that problem is to make the money inaccessible to myself unless I have a non-addict that is the sole proprietor of the accessibility to the account. I will not only have a constant public accessible record of spending and receipts available for all to see but I will also not be able to spend any money without the supervision of a responsible non-addict. The person who is going to be the official Room 9 treasurer is Christine Glavey. Christine has been a huge support throughout, not only my recovery, but of the Room 9 Podcast as well. She has given me the funds to be able to set up and support the Room 9 website and continues to provide money, space, and time to allow this podcast to grow. I have also reached out to her for the task of making sure every penny that is given to Room 9 is tracked and accounted for and is used for the sole purpose to push the Room 9 message to everyone who needs and wants the help that this podcast can provide. On this page you will find a link to our PATREON account and a one-time donation option. Patreon allows anyone to give to Room 9 on a monthly basis and in return will receive something back from Room 9 for their commitment. There is also a one time donation option in the "Help Room 9 Raise Money" box below. Whatever you feel is an appropriate amount, whether a 1$ or 100$, it will be put towards helping many people who are in or affected by addiction. Thank you so much for your support!!!!!

- Sean Cuddihy (Founder/Host)



Christine Glavey is a West Seneca East High School teacher and a mother of two. If you have any further questions about her role as the Room 9 treasurer you can contact her via email at cjglavey@gmail.com.