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lloyd Promos

About the project

loyd Products Inc. started off as the first food truck in Buffalo, NY. Now they have 5 food trucks, 3 brick and mortar locations, and "Churn", their soft serve ice cream shop. lloyd is a brand that teleported from the 90's and they always like to keep things laid back and goofy.

Client: lloyd Products Inc.

Year: 2022

From biweekly specials to menu items that need more love I have done over 60 videos for lloyd. Needles to say I am getting the process down.

Nachos From The Early 90's
Krazy Corn "ASMR"
El Hombre Promo
'22 National Margarita Day
'22 Spring Cocktail Promo
A New Home: The Challenges Refugee's Need To Overcome
'22 Winter Cocktail Menu
Homemade Masa
lloyd ASMR
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