Dharma's Personality Development Program is based on the insights offered by our neuroscience research to help you improve your emotional health. Dharma’s development program is based on connecting emotional health to personality traits and personality traits to neural connections. To achieve emotional health, one must improve the personality traits that are causing issues. For the personality trait to be developed, the neural connections for that personality trait need to be strengthened. When the strengths of these neural connections are not strong enough, the personality trait becomes underdeveloped. The underdevelopment of a personality trait can prevent you from achieving your emotional health.

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"Sean and Room 9 were amazing to work with. 

He asked detailed questions injust a few meetings. 

He was then able to take that, create my vision and 

tell a story through an amazing video. His life 

experience, passion, and attention to detail shine 

through in the end."

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Ray currently serves as

the President / CEO of

Evergreen Health and

its affiliates which include

The Pride Center of WNY &

Community Access Services.

Evergreen has over 450

employees and a budget

of over $80 million / year.