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Up until 6 years ago I spent more than half of my 37 years on this planet in the hospitality space, mainly restaurants. With the help of my love for personal development, philosophy, and introspection; I have been able to climb up the "Digital Marketing" ladder. Whether it's trying to grow a YouTube channel, running an FaceBook Ad Campaign towards your "Target Audience", or even focusing in on Brand Strategic Storytelling, I find ways to adapt, shift, and evolve constantly with the market and brand tribes. I know that it is not the most creative that wins, it's the one who executes the best. That's why I have obsessively worked on a Project Management System that utilizes a Pillar, Pipeline, and Vaults system. From managing project deadlines to idea generation a great system that shows results is priceless.


From ages 15-30 the vast majority of my life was spent in a kitchen. I started off in a pizzeria, became a manager, and then worked my way up to sou chef in a fine dining brick and mortar restaurant, “Carte Blanche”, located in Buffalo, NY. I use to leave this part of my life out of conversations until I started to notice all the skills that I still use to this day. From having to deal with angry and annoyed people to learning how to adapt and make changes under pressure, working in a kitchen fine tunes many skills that can be used throughout ones lifetime.


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Lighting is 90% of it. You master that, you're almost there. It just takes time to master it.

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Project Management: It's not the most creative that wins. It's the one who executes the best.

This is a realization I had very early on in my career. In order to put food on my table I had to run every aspect of my "Ad Agency" with excellent communication and organization. At first the saying "it's not the most creative that wins. It's the one who executes the best" seemed like a load of BS. Very early on I was humbled by the realization that in order to continuously produce high-quality content in quantity I had to have a system that would allow for it.

Fast foward, I now have a system that allows for this. With a combination of Tiago Forte's PARA Method; Gary Allen's Getting Things Done method; and August Bradley's Pillars, Pipelines, and Vaults system I am now able to execute high-caliber content marketing, social media management, video production, and graphic design at a fast pace. 

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