This project was the 2nd stage of a interview for a creator role within Vayner Media. The role would consist of getting paired with a brand in order to help step their content game up. Below is the vague creative brief I was given and the links to all content. Within 3 days I came up with the company name, logo, social sites, and created content that engulfed the brand.


  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Assignment Brief:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a fictional company and a test project. We want to evaluate your ideation, thought process, and creative execution to see if you are a fit for the role.

A shampoo company wants to transfer ownership of their company to the world's best Creator, and we want you to apply for ownership.

Whether you can write witty tweets, make stunning graphics or hilarious memes, edit a polished IGTV documentary, or a captivating TikTok, use this content test to highlight the creative formats (Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Videography, Copywriting, etc) and social platforms you know best (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.) and create relevant, emotional, and consumer-centric shampoo content. We want to see how you can ideate content concepts and bring them to life on platforms!

We ask you to actually post this content on the platforms themselves, so if that means you need to make a new account so your friends don't ask what's up with all the shampoo posts, please do so!

Submit 3-8 pieces of content across different platforms. Focus on your strengths to create meaningful, thoughtful, and relevant content for the platform(s) you choose. The vagueness of this brief is intentional; this submission test is a great indicator of Creator candidates’ expertise, skill sets, and interests.