What Is A Recovery Coach?

This service is here to provide someone that is in recovery with a partner that will help the client build a healthy and productive life. A Recovery Coach is a peer in recovery that has valuable experiences from their journey that allows the client to relate and work on their own path. The Coach can help the recovering client navigate the treacherous path of early sobriety and provide a bridge from the safe and secure world of inpatient treatment to the real world where all the old temptations lie. The Coach will continue working with their client on a daily basis to help them connect with the local community and find the resources that they need for support in their sobriety. If you or anyone you know would like a Recovery Coach contact us at Room9Podcast@gmail.com

Speaking Presentations

The Room 9 presentations focus on topics centered around Substance Use Disorder. From mindfulness to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy our mission is to provide an educational based presentation to anyone who has been affected in one way, shape, or form by Substance Use Disorder. Whether it is at a Rehabilitation Center, School, or Jail we feel everyone can benefit from the shared experiences and failures that we discuss. With a fresh approach Room 9 turns presentations into dialogues that are collaborative, dynamic, and engaging enough to keep viewers tuned in from the beginning to end. For more information on presentation topics and pricing contact Sean Cuddihy at Room9Podcast@gmail.com


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